Continue to remember

Retired Missionaries. Please remember all of these men in prayer and their families. Especially those who have ongoing health issues. Pray also for those who remain to be active in service as they still have opportunities to serve the Lord through preaching engagements. Pray that they will continue to be used in His service.

Billy McCullagh ( Missionary Island Street ) Continue to remember Billy as he continues to cope with the loss of his sight. Pray for courage, strength and enablement as he continues to not only carry out his Mission work but also daily home life as he still deals with the loss of his wife Liz. Do also remember Michael Waddell and Tom Marshall as they too still reflect on the loss of their wives in recent years.

Pray for a number of Missionaries whose Mothers have recently entered nursing care. Pray each of them will settle in to their new environments and each family circle will also experience strength, wisdom and guidance as they also come to terms with a new situation in life too.  

Pray continually for all of the Missionaries as they carry out their duties each day. Pray for health and strength. Remember also all the administration staff as they carry out all the various duties pertaining to the overall running of the Mission. Pray for health, strength, patience and guidance.

Give thanks for that was accomplished over the Christmas Season. For the Christmas Appeal and all the Special Christmas Services and Events. Pray for all the new contacts made and conversations that took place that they as a whole will be a means of people coming to faith in Christ.

Mayo Street will reach 130 years of service this year. Pray for the planned week of services 14th April – 19th April 2019. Pray also for Mr Willis McDowell who will speak during the week.

Remember in prayer the other planned special Gospel mission outreaches in Canton Street (120 years of work), Shore Road, Ballysillan, Glencairn, Fairview Road and Great Northern Street respectively. 

Give praise for the recent arrival of Eliza (Lila) Hope Neill daughter of Jordan and Elaine Neill (Missionary and Wife Rathcoole) and also sister of Willow. This is such a blessing and wonderful gift from God to them after the loss of their baby son previously.

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