Continue to remember

Retired Missionaries: Please remember all of these men in prayer and their families. Especially those who have ongoing health issues. Pray also for those who remain to be active in service as they still have opportunities to serve the Lord through preaching engagements. Pray that they will continue to be a source of blessing to many and also still to the Mission.

Mr Evan Rice Superintendent Glencairn Hall: Due to recent illness Evan had to spend around six weeks in hospital however, we give thanks that he is now recovering at home. This recovery is going to take time. Pray that he will receive the patience required throughout this period and soon he will be back to health and strength. Remember also his family circle at this time.

Mr Billy McCullagh Missionary Island Street: It is with sadness and regret that Billy has decided to step down as Missionary at the end of September 2019 for health reasons. Billy has battled bravely throughout difficult circumstances not only through the loss of eyesight but with also the loss of his wife Liz. Continue to pray for Billy as this has been a hard decision for him. Pray he will experience peace and understanding over this decision and also he will continue to know the presence of God and His sustaining grace as he continues to cope with many practical things surrounding his ongoing health difficulties. Remember too Billy`s whole family circle as they continue to be of help to him.

Missionaries: As the Autumn/Winter work commences pray that they would know health and strength as they carry out their work in the districts. Pray for God`s wisdom and guidance as they plan and conduct meetings, do outreach, visitation in homes and hospital and engage with local communities.

Special Missions and events: Harvest weekend services 28th-29th September 2019; Gospel Missions: Glencairn Monday 30th September-Friday 4th October Speaker and Evangelist John Weir; Fairview Road first week October various speakers; Ballysillan Sunday 6th October-Thursday 10th October Speaker Bobi Brown; Special Services October 2019 Great Northern Street. Pray that all of these Missions and events result in people coming to faith in Christ.